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Shipping Policy

Effective Date: April 22, 2023

Vendors are instructed to ship their order within 1 business day after payment has cleared from the buyer but depending on the size of the order, up to 3 business days is acceptable. Vendors must use the shipping service the buyer selected at checkout.


Vendors must:

– Only ship items that are located in the United States

– Ship items using the shipping service that the buyer paid for

– Ship items within 1-3 business days

– Upload accurate tracking details. Tracking must originate in the United States

– Ship the order as soon as it has been marked as “Completed”


Vendors must not:

– Use a slower shipping service than the one paid for by the buyer

– Delay shipments, even if United States Wholesale Inc. has not yet made the funds available to the vendor

– Include any promotional material to get business with order shipments that might encourage trade away from the United States Wholesale marketplace

It is recommended that Vendors purchase shipping insurance for all of their shipments. United States Wholesale Inc. is not responsible and will not reimburse any expenses related to lost or damaged shipments between Vendors and Buyers.

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